Monday, July 02, 2007

Losing it

Last week, I was really, really tired. I'm not sure why, as I was getting a full night's sleep each night and certainly wasn't exerting myself at the gym. But anyway, by Friday morning, I was very tired and in need of a weekend.

And Sunday morning, as I decided to pour myself a big glass of milk, I opened the cabinet to retrieve said glass and found my carton of milk, neatly shelved among the glassware, where it had been sitting since Friday morning.

The scary thing was that as I stared with great confusion at my carton of milk in the pantry, one of my first thoughts was, "can it be saved?"

But of course it cannot be saved, not 48 hours later. So with heavy heart and empty glass I poured a 3/4 full quart of milk down the drain.

Happily, I haven't misplaced any perishables today (I don't think). But the day is young and I am ambitious.

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E said...

There, there. You just need to come back to Tennessee, that's all. Living amongst the Yankees has caused you undue stress.