Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Oy. The last six weeks have been spent rehearsing for the annual law school Parody. The Parody is what it sounds like: an over-the-top song and dance show that pokes fun at Harvard and high-profile events in general. This year, the Parody theme is "The Model Penal DaVinci Code." It follows a law student who discovers a murdered law professor and goes on a quest to uncover a secret so secret that certain law students would kill to keep the secret from getting out, lest it destroy Harvard Law. Along the way, the Parody pokes fun at the debacle that is MyPlan, the online registration system that was introduced last year; a few high-profile students, faculty, and political figures; and manages to insinuate at least once a scene that Yale Law produces homosexuals. Good times for all.

It has been an exhausting and rather abusive process, actually. I have a massive bruise on my back from rolling around on the stage, bruises on both knees from dropping to my knees on stage, and a gimpy wrist that hurts anytime I try to do a twisting motion. Which of course I try to do every 3 minutes. And during the show. Constantly. Oh, but the show is fuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnny. Really funny. So tomorrow night, on opening night, I will forget that I have spent 4-5 hours every night for the last 6 weeks doing impossible dances and learning ridiculous lyrics and slamming my body onto the plywood and growing tired of my colleagues in preparation for this moment, and just let the spotlight and applause wash over me. Oh yes, it will be worth it. Because when I give my first line and the audience laughs- that full, appreciative laugh that comedians live and die for, I will forget that twisting my wrist hurts and I will twist! How I will twist for you, my beautiful audience! And if I have to soak in the tub for an hour that I can't spare with muscle relaxing salts just so I can move the day after, I will do it. For you!

Darn it, there's that twisting motion again.