Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hello Change!

Wow, what a busy 3 months I have had. I started (and finished) a new job, I got married, we moved into a new apt, and we got a new kitten. I have just over a week until my second year of school starts. So because so much has happened since I last wrote, I will give you the super short version of each event:

Job: Fantastic. I received an offer to return to the firm next summer, I have a couple of partners who want to be my reference for the job hunt next year, and it seems I might actually be good at the whole lawyer thing. I am interested in checking out the Chicago office of the same firm (Patto's new favorite city for us to go to after graduation. The Windy City is now barely beating out Atlanta- which had been his choice for the last few months. I'll check out both).

Wedding: Exhausting but lovely. The highlights: Patrick tearing up during the ceremony, pre-wedding massage, dancing all night. The lowlights: broken A/C, pushy photographer. All in all I think everyone had a good time. I did. We went to Aruba for the honeymoon and had an amazing time. It's beautiful and it was great to get to recharge our batteries.

New apt: super old house closer to school. 12-14 ft ceilings, hardwood floors, crooked door frames, 50% larger than the old one. It's got character. We like it a lot. We tried to burn it down the first night (another post), but other than that, it's great so far. We have done some home improvement, like painting and changing out some light fixtures, and it's coming together.

New kitten: Caesar. And he deserves the name. He thinks he is in charge. Tobey finally tolerates him, despite a few run-ins. I caught them napping together the other day, although Caesar prefers to be laying in your way for his naps. I'll get a pic of him on here soon. I can't wait until he can be neutered and have his claws out. We are putting those little soft claws on him right now, which is helping, but he seems to chew them off very quickly. We just got a new surround sound system, and if Caesar sharpens his claws on the speakers, Patrick will kill him. That would be unfortunate.

But understandable.