Thursday, August 04, 2005


So Patto and I went to get our new driver's licenses this week, and the RMV (thats 'registry of motor vehicles' for those of you who grew up in DMV-land like I did) was surprisingly efficient. Amazingly surprisingly efficient. In fact, we registered the car, got our DLs, and registered to vote in under 30 min. You couldn't get a DMV officer to look at you in less than 30 min in TN.

When you register to vote in good ole MA, they ask you what party with whom you wish to be affiliated, if any. As I didn't want to incur prejudice, I marked "no affiliation at this time." When the counter officer finished all of my paperwork, he handed me back my temporary voting card (in case I needed to run out and vote before they could mail me the hard copy) and it was marked "Democratic Party."
"Wait a minute," says I, "I marked 'no affiliation,' not 'Democratic Party."
"Oops," replies stunningly-efficient though now-in-cahoots-with-the-Dems counter guy, "let me get that fixed."
"Yeah," I said, handing back my temporary card, "My pap-paw warned me about you guys: 'Welcome to Massachusetts, you're a Democrat now'."

All in all, a fine day to become actual residents of a new state. It is starting to sink in that this isn't some vacation- what with the MA plates on the car and me with my snazzy subway pass. By the time Patrick has been at work for a week I think he'll feel like he's been here forever. Routine has a comforting way of folding you in, ya know?