Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pompous mood-killer

At the table behind me in the Hark, an incredibly arrogant 1L exhibitionist is (loudly) telling his comrades about the girl he could deign to like and how she is so ridiculous and how this one simple misunderstanding was blown way out of proportion (by her) and now she isn't talking to him (not that he really cares, you understand). The other two people at his table are trying to prepare for their 1st year Ames argument, but this guy keeps on and on about the girl. The other two don't know the girl. He pauses every now and then in his long story and asks if he can help them prepare for their argument, but as far as I can tell, doesn't wait for them to answer before continuing his previous story.

Suddenly, the very girl walks into the Hark and sits at another table! He points her out. They look. I look. They go back to preparing. He announces he is going to call her over and have things out right then and there. And he does! He calls her name and she walks over and says hello and he starts his conversation with "Listen, [name of female], if we are going to be together you are going to have to get over this bullshit with Sharon." She says, "do you really want to talk about this now?" Oh, yes he does. And he proceeds to list out all the reasons she is completely thin-skinned and silly and she's like... okay... And says it's nice to meet the other people at the table and she'll talk to him again soon and walks away.

And he calls her "an annoying whore" as she leaves. I wish I could throw things at him in a socially acceptable manner. I hope she is smart enough not to be interested in him anymore. I hate guys like that- so self-important.

Argh! Way to ruin my otherwise happy vibe, jerk.

Friday, November 23, 2007

My Tree

Happy Day After Thanksgiving, everyone! And, I guess by extension, Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
Today I did a bit of shopping (although I did not get up at 4am like the crazies- I went around 10:30am and still caught some good sales). But all of that was just filling before I got to put up My Tree.

No, no, not "my tree." My Tree. Capitals. I love this artificial tree more than any foliage living or fake in the world. My tree has been in my family for ten years or more- I can't really remember. It is a complicated tree. You individually shape and place every single branch on the tree. It takes hours. But the results are amazing. I took over the building of My Tree from my parents at about age 16, and put it up every year thereafter. It was a yearly labor of love and frustration. As I was leaving college for Boston and law school, I told my parents that if they ever decided they no longer wanted the tree-- or if they so much as failed to put it up one year-- I wanted it. And, only a year after I left, they bought an easier artificial tree and shipped My Tree to me.

And today I put it up. Beautiful, frustrating, wonderful Tree. Even the cats somehow sense that this Tree is something to be honored and respected, not climbed or chewed upon. They reverently scoot past it, probably because I turn into a shouting and foaming lunatic if they so much as pause to sniff it.

My Tree

Oh happy day. Black Friday is looking pretty bright.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hurts Because It's True

I was reading a blog yesterday in which the author described sitting in a Gestalt circle in which the other members of the circle shout insults, slurs and epithets to see if anything "sticks." The idea is that each person walks away from the circle knowing the truth about their weaknesses and insecurities- those insults that stung. He described the process as abusive and exhausting, but ultimately, extremely rewarding as a means of introspection.

I got to thinking about what insults would stick to me. In the past, I would tell you that if someone had said to me "you talk so much that you annoy people" it would have stuck (and stung). But I realized that I no longer truly fear that or feel it is true. I know that while I am still bubbly and talkative, I have developed enough social sense to know when to zip it and when people are eating it up.

So what would stick now? I really had a hard time coming up with something that would hurt because it was true, or at least because there was enough truth in it to make me uncomfortable. I thought about from 3:30 am to almost 5 am this morning, and I think a hard truth for me right now is that I intentionally hold on to past hurts in order to feel self-righteous or to nurse my wounds. I mean, who cares that someone I deeply trusted betrayed me when I was in fifth grade? I only care 15 years later because I was badly treated when I was right, and when I don't feel good about myself I can hold that up as an example of my enduring goodness and victimitude. And I had never thought about that before this exercise.

And yes, I just made up victimitude.

So. What insult would stick to you? Martin (the blogger) was right- it is an exhausting and incredibly worthwhile endeavor. I encourage you to try it- and then tell me what you found. It's none of my business, of course, but aren't you just a little turned on by the prospect of baring your soul to me?


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mobius, the Champions!

The American Lawyer's Summer Associate Survey 2007 results are in!

Now. The American Lawyer is often derided as ridiculous and unimportant, and their surveys worthless. This is mostly argued by law firm hiring partners who are trying to ease the concerns of potential associates who just read that all of the mid-level associates are about to hang themselves. It is also important to note that the same law firm hiring partners forget how silly these surveys are when their firm is a shining beacon of goodness and law firm hope for the future.

Get your amnesia and toasting glasses ready, folks, because Mobius is at the forefront of summer associate happiness and joy! I think I can hear the whir of brochure-making machines getting warmed up for a new round of promotional materials.

Congrats to Mobius, (0ne of) the happiest summer associates places on Earth!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Music Meme

Since I am newly back and forever behind on my schoolwork and thesis, I'm going to adopt the music meme from my sister and turn my iPod on random. The first ten songs to pop up are:

1. It's Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland) by the Barenaked Ladies. I still love me some BNL.

2. Que Onda Guero by Beck. For something completely different.

3. River Deep, Mountain High by Celine Dion. This is the only Celine Dion song I like or own. It was on a mix CD given to my by Melanie, the world's best mix CD creator.

4. The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel. I can hear my mom doing the "Crash, Boom!" background parts to this day.

5. A Whisper by Coldplay.

6. Only One by James Taylor.

7. Desperado by the Eagles. Yeah, I like the older stuff. Sue me.

8. Dandy Life by Collective Soul.

9. Real World by Matchbox Twenty.

10. Fat Bottom Girls by Queen. Queen! I love you Queen!

Okay, so now you know that if someone is singing in harmony to an acoustic guitar 20 years ago I'll buy the album. Purchase Christmas gifts accordingly. :)

I'm really surprised that the Killers didn't pop up in the first 10 songs. I am inundated with Killers albums. In fact, I think I'll listen to some now while I snore through my reading on the nondelegation clause...

Like Nothing Happened

Missing posts creates a snowball effect. Once you go a few days without a post, you tend to go more and more, until at least two weeks have gone by and you haven't written so much as a notice that you are still alive. Whenever I am in this position, I struggle between trying to explain where I've been and what happened and just moving on without explanation.

This time I have decided to just move on without explanation. I'll tell you about how the play went and other developments in my life, just not in one super-post. You'll have to get them flash-back style from later posts.

So. Let's move on.