Monday, January 28, 2008

Think Pink

No need to go on and on about the Maybelline long-lasting lipcolor that I like so much. You guys have heard it all before. Even el seester agrees; there ain't no "maybe" about it.

When I ran out of my lighter, everyday lipcolor, I decided to try one shade darker. My old lipcolor was Blush. One shade off is affectionately called Pink. And it is aptly named. For boy oh boy is it pink.

Barbie doll Pink.

Now, I have blond hair and blue eyes and pale skin like Barbie, so wearing her lipstick doesn't look bad on me- I've just never worn anything quite so... Pink. It is quite startling. And until I get used to it, I think about it every time someone looks at me. I have Barbie Pink on the brain.

Today is the first day of the Spring semester, and I have run into several of my friends. Many of them kind of look me over and furrow their brows, trying to place what's different about me. The conversation goes something like:
Friend: You look different.
Me: Let's go shopping!
Friend: What?
Me: What?
Friend: Did you cut your hair?
Me: No, still growing it out.
Friend: Oh. Well you look... different.
Me: Pink?
Friend: What?
Me: What?

No one has identified the new lipcolor as the cause of my differentness. I would be surprised if they did; after all, it's only one shade off my normal lip color. Still, every time I see a friend, I wonder if they will ask if I have a dreamhouse that matches my lipstick.

Come on, Barbie, let's go party.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


My winter class this term is called TAW, which stands for Trial Advocacy Workshop. It's a great, hands-on class in which every day you prepare a different part of a trial and present it in front of a small group of classmates (and occasionally a large group of classmates and a camera) and get critiqued on your style, voice, mannerisms, etc. It's probably the most useful class in law school, in my humble (and correct) opinion.

Today is the third day, and we are focusing on cross-examinations. The first day was opening statements and the second direct examinations. The best part of the day is watching the people selected to perform in front of the large class and camera. They are chosen at random (even the supposed witnesses), and while some people thrive under pressure and nerves, others fluster, and fluster quite comically.

Yesterday, the alleged victim of a car crash was talking about the severe pain he felt in his back.
Attorney: Describe for the jury the pain you felt.
Witness: Well, not to use that old cliche, but it felt like elephants walking on and inside my spine.
Ah yes, the old "elephants on my spine" cliche. So tired.

Another one, which I find quite funny, may only be humorous to those in the legal field. The defense attorney had just finished examining the defendant, who is accused of murder. The prosecutor stood to do her cross.
Prosecutor: You were hanging out with your Marine buddies that day, weren't you?
Witness: Yes
Prosecutor: So after you had a couple of drinks with them you decided to check out the alleged robbery without calling on-duty police, isn't that right?
Defense Attorney: Objection! Assumes drinks not in evidence!

I would try to explain that one, but then it just wouldn't be as funny.

Yesterday I was called up to do part of my examination for the large class and the camera. They said I did well, but I'll let you know once I see me on tape. I used to have a body tic of slightly swaying side to side during presentations. I hope I've kicked that one, but we'll see.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of contact, but Patto and I spent 5 days in Tennessee for Christmas visiting family, and 4 days in NYC to celebrate the New Year, with only a one day layover here at home between. We had a great time at both locales, but the travel and lack of personal internet time made posting difficult.

Today it was time to get back into the swing of things. I packed up all of the Christmas decorations, picked up my textbook for the winter term, worked out, ate lunch with a school pal and got caught up on each other's vacation, and did a few chores around the house. Tomorrow I think I will clean this place top to bottom and find homes for my new Christmas acquisitions. The new shoes won't be a problem, of course (thanks again, Mel, for feeding my addiction), but I got some cool artwork and other home decor stuff that I need to place just so.

I shall think on it.

It occurs to me that I have not made any resolutions for this year. I will have to think on that, too. In the mean time, tell me yours. Or tell me the one you thought about but didn't formally make because you weren't sure you could do it. Or tell me the one that is on there year after year. We'll keep each other accountable. As soon as I make some, that is.

Happy New Year!