Monday, April 23, 2007

Maybe she's born with it

Face it, we all have an addiction. Some women can't get out of the shoe aisle. Some can't get out of the gadget aisle. Some can't get out of the home and garden aisle(s)/store/complex. I used to not be able to get out of the stationary aisle. Just thinking about it makes me smile- that beautiful aisle of legal pads and crisp stationary, or all those pens and highlighters... I could spend forever in there. Sadly, using a laptop for everything has made my ability to justify my love of the paper aisle obsolete. So I needed something new at which to cast longing glances.

Forget maybe, it is Maybelline. Ever since the sis got me hooked on their 16-hour long-lasting super awesome lipstick, I have become a Maybelline junkie. Yesterday, Patto and I were out and about running errands, and my Target gift cards (from my birthday) were burning a hole in my wallet, so we went in to see if we "needed" anything in Target. And in 3 seconds flat, I discovered I "needed" the Maybelline aisle. First, I needed a slightly darker shade of the lipstick I bought in March, for evenings (my current shade is perfect for the day, but what about dinner? WHAT ABOUT DINNER?!?!). Then I realized I needed a more dramatic color for parties/dates/girls' night on the town. Check and check. Then I noticed a gorgeous eye shadow palette in the brown/gold family, and as it so happens, I do not have a palette in the gold/brown family. And gold is the new black! So I snapped it up, too. Then, right before we almost made it out of the aisle, I noticed a matching nail polish. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a good matching nail polish in the brown/gold family... or at least that's what I told Patrick as I hugged my spoils to my chest and sighed contentedly.

Luckily for me, the only thing stronger that my addictive personality is my tight fist when it comes to money. If I hadn't been holding a gift card, you can bet I would have stopped with only the darker shade of my daytime lipstick. The rest would have to go on layaway.


E said...

You are soooo lucky to have such a wonderful sister who introduces you to the 16 hour lipstick!

Melanie said...

Hmm, I recall sending a bday Target gift card... I feel so special now to be part of this shopping excursion. Tell Patrick he can thank me later. :)