Saturday, April 21, 2007

La Directora

Almost as soon as one Parody ends, the planning for a new one begins. As a group, the Harvard Law Drama Society elects the two Parody producers, and the Producers select the Director, and then Producer/Director team selects the writing corps, the choreographers, the set designer, the music director, the stage manager.... you get the idea.

Anyway, last week the Drama Society elected the Producers, and this week the Producers selected the Director: ME! I am beyond excited. I have done a little directing before- a production in high school and one in college, but this will be my first production with a budet, and paying sponsers, and advertisements, and a cast of more than 40 actors. WaaaaaHoooooo! I can't wait to get started. Which is good, because today I am picking the Head Writer for the Parody, and Tuesday the choreo and music director.

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E said...

Rock on Stepher! How in the world are you going to have time to do all of that?