Friday, April 20, 2007


It is set to hit 70 degrees on Sunday. 70 degrees! I haven't seen 70 degrees in 7.5 months. Awesome. It seems we have decided to skip spring and jump straight to summer. Of course, Boston weather has a habit of changing its mind, so I don't want to speak too soon. It could suddenly snow 3 inches, like it did two weeks ago.

So boobert has this nifty new Visitor Map thing on her blog which puts a little dot on the map everytime someone new visits. Very cool. Perhaps I'll throw one up and see what happens. Of course, it might get a little lonely with only her and my mom (hi mom!) checking on me. But we'll see. She has been attracting talent from Spain these days. Maybe fellow bloggeritos have their eye on me, too.

Well a girl can dream.

The ever-handsome Patto and I are going to see Hot Fuzz tonight with a couple of law school buddies. I'll let you know. It's supposed to be hysterical, but they said that about Shaun of the Dead, too, and I wasn't impressed. A trivia fact: Shaun of the Dead was the first movie Patto and I ever saw together. Patto said he knew it was love when I sat through the entire movie without complaining, and agreed to go out with him again afterwards. Apparently long-suffering is quite the virtue on Patto's list.

And given his obsession with video games, I bet I know why.

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E said...

Okay, here's your official Knoxville dot from me!

How was Hot Fuzz?