Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pompous mood-killer

At the table behind me in the Hark, an incredibly arrogant 1L exhibitionist is (loudly) telling his comrades about the girl he could deign to like and how she is so ridiculous and how this one simple misunderstanding was blown way out of proportion (by her) and now she isn't talking to him (not that he really cares, you understand). The other two people at his table are trying to prepare for their 1st year Ames argument, but this guy keeps on and on about the girl. The other two don't know the girl. He pauses every now and then in his long story and asks if he can help them prepare for their argument, but as far as I can tell, doesn't wait for them to answer before continuing his previous story.

Suddenly, the very girl walks into the Hark and sits at another table! He points her out. They look. I look. They go back to preparing. He announces he is going to call her over and have things out right then and there. And he does! He calls her name and she walks over and says hello and he starts his conversation with "Listen, [name of female], if we are going to be together you are going to have to get over this bullshit with Sharon." She says, "do you really want to talk about this now?" Oh, yes he does. And he proceeds to list out all the reasons she is completely thin-skinned and silly and she's like... okay... And says it's nice to meet the other people at the table and she'll talk to him again soon and walks away.

And he calls her "an annoying whore" as she leaves. I wish I could throw things at him in a socially acceptable manner. I hope she is smart enough not to be interested in him anymore. I hate guys like that- so self-important.

Argh! Way to ruin my otherwise happy vibe, jerk.


Ken Basin said...

I think you'd like this Endearing Neurosis blog I showed Trevor.


And I think the writer of that blog would like this.

Also on my radar of late:


All of a sudden, as a 3L, I'm into the law student blog community.

E said...

What? It's NOT socially acceptable to throw things at annoying people? Uh-oh.

It sounds like the "annoying whore" made it out of that disaster relationship just in time.

Melanie said...

It's a good thing I wasn't there. I don't think I could have not said something to this guy.

Anonymous said...

My take on this: When she says good-bye to him, you call her over and tell her you have just heard all about her -well, at least the less flattering things- and since she surely has the good taste to move on from the moron spewing the venom, you know several 3L's that know how to treat a woman with such obvious intelligence and you'd love to introduce them to her! And you say the first part quietly but the introducing part QUITE LOUDLY!!!