Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mobius, the Champions!

The American Lawyer's Summer Associate Survey 2007 results are in!

Now. The American Lawyer is often derided as ridiculous and unimportant, and their surveys worthless. This is mostly argued by law firm hiring partners who are trying to ease the concerns of potential associates who just read that all of the mid-level associates are about to hang themselves. It is also important to note that the same law firm hiring partners forget how silly these surveys are when their firm is a shining beacon of goodness and law firm hope for the future.

Get your amnesia and toasting glasses ready, folks, because Mobius is at the forefront of summer associate happiness and joy! I think I can hear the whir of brochure-making machines getting warmed up for a new round of promotional materials.

Congrats to Mobius, (0ne of) the happiest summer associates places on Earth!

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E said...

You go Mobius! Way to be the best at bribing your summers!