Friday, June 29, 2007

Summers behaving badly

One of the young associates at Mobius forwarded me an email she got from a friend who works at another firm about a summer associate prank that went horribly, horribly wrong.

Apparently, some summer associate(s) at Other Firm decided it would be funny to sneak into a partner's office and send an email from the partner's computer to another summer associate telling him that he had done a terrible job on an assignment. The goal is to freak the summer out and then tell him it's a joke and that the partner didn't really send the email. Haha! Anyway, it seems they used the computer of a partner who had left for the day and sent out the email. But they are so incompetent at pulling pranks, the following email was issued to the entire summer class the following day:

"...When [sending a fake email] is done from a partner's hijacked computer, and when the person who does it accidentally (I hope for their sake) (a) sends the email first from my computer not to "Brehm, [redacted first name]" but to "Bremer Bank Team", which consists of among others the CEO, CFO and Chief Legal Officer of Bremer Bank, who then sends me a return email asking why they are being copied on this kind of thing; (b) in the process of trying to close Outlook deleted a draft of an email to another client that I had been working on for most of yesterday and (c) in the process of trying to be covert locked my door but then did not unlock it when they left so I arrived today to a locked door with no key and had to wait for facilities to come up and open my door, then it not only demonstrates a lack of judgment, but I then need that person to fess up and report to me so we can discuss next steps.
I am not seeking to take this "up the chain" but I do need a little personal responsibility here. Guilty party please see me."

Apparently their law school did not host a seminar entitled, "How not to embarrass yourself and your school while working as a summer associate." If they had, sending fake emails from a partner's computer to clients, deleting a partner's files, and locking the partner out of his office would surely have been covered.

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E said...

Ouch. Sounds like the Southwest commercial "Wanna get away?"