Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poker Butts

I can't stop laughing. I was just reading an article about how human females have departed further from the evolutionary line of primates than human males, which means that several aspects of human female biology are difficult to explain in terms of evolution. Issues with whether we have evolved from primates aside, this is the paragraph about ovulation that made me laugh out loud:

"Though some studies suggest that men and women do have an unconscious sense of when a woman enters a fertile period and is ripe for mating, there is no obvious outward sign as there is for most mammals. Many female monkeys, for example, get bright red butts when they release an egg. But women are poker butts, even to themselves, which is why they are left to temperature-taking and guessing in order to time ovulation."

Poker butts! Is she drawing dead or does she have a full house? You'll never know, because women have poker butts!

Ok, just thought I'd share.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh tis true that many a male has been befuddled by the female's poker butt. You think the message is a clear "come Hither" only to find that in reality its " kiss off" . But there is joy in attempting read poker butts. Ask any male.