Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Wonders of IT

Don't worry, kids: people are here to help you. Whenever you start working for a large corporation, you are usually put through hours and hours of IT training. It is no different in a law firm, except that I have noticed that at Mobius, when they say they are here to help you, they mean it. Case in point:

Each day of the first week we have a little more IT training, usually a block of about 2.5 hours per day. Yesterday we covered many things, but not the things I was trying to do today. I wouldn't learn today's activities until tomorrow's training. But I needed to do them today, you see, so I was stuck. So I looked warily over at my notes from yesterday's training, and at the top I had written "ANY questions, call Anthony at xxxx." Usually I find the IT people not to be so helpful, or a little condescending at my ineptitude, so I was hesitant to alert them to the fact that I was going to be a problem employee on the second day. But I had written the word "any" in all caps, which must mean I had believed them when they told me to call Anthony, so I called him. And instantly, the world's most helpful person answered, and walked me through what I was trying to do politely and in plain English. The process went so well I promised to marry Anthony if things didn't work out with Patrick and hung up.

Then later I needed more IT assistance to do something that wouldn't be covered until Thursday's training. It was library help. And it turns out the Chicago office Librarian at Mobius is out on maternity leave. So a very helpful secretary suggested I call the LA Librarian. Hesitantly (after all, I'm not even in her time zone, and I am definitely not her problem), I sent this Monica of LA an email. She called back within two minutes and walked me through the whole process, complete with short-cuts and helpful hints for the future. I am in love with the Mobius IT people, and if things don't work out with Patrick or Anthony, I invite Monica to move to Massachusetts so I may legally wed her, too. She was that awesome about this entire procedure.

Perhaps this is the norm for IT departments, and I have only had terrible experiences in the past which have caused me to lower my expectations. Either way, I am very happy with these people. So happy, in fact, I give you a dramatic recreation of what might happen if you called the Mobius IT people regarding a missing Blackberry (or Crackberry, as the sister calls it):

IT: This is Anthony, how may I help you?
Me: Hi Anthony, it's me again... I've lost my Blackberry and I've looked everywhere for it. Help!
IT: That's ok, let me help you find it. Ok, are you sitting at your desk?
Me: Yes.
IT: Great, that's good. Now what I want you to do is check your right hip for the Blackberry. If you held our your hand as if to shake someone else's hand, this is your right side. Look to your right side now. Do you see the Blackberry?
Me: No! It's not there! Oh no!
IT: That's alright, sometimes they are not on your hip. Now what I want you to do is swivel 45 degrees to the right in your chair and stand up.
Me: Ok...
IT: Now walk three steps away and turn 180 degrees to face your desk area. Can you do that?
Me: Yes... Ok, I'm facing my desk.
IT: Very good, that's perfect. Now I want you to scan the desktop. Are there any notebooks on your desk?
Me: Yes! I have an IL guide to insurance claims notebook on my desk.
IT: Very good. I want you to pick up that notebook and look beneath it. Is the Blackberry under the notebook?
Me: Um... Hold on... No. It's not there either.
IT: That's ok, you're doing fine. Replace the notebook on your desk. Now what I want you to do is think about the last place you went where you were working on business related activities. Can you tell me where that is?
Me: Let's see, I had an IT training in the conference room a minute ago.
IT: Good, good. Did you take your briefcase or computer bag with you?
Me: Yes!
IT: Excellent, you are doing so well. Do you see the briefcase in your office?
Me: Yes!
IT: Great. I want you to pick up your briefcase and put it on the desk.
Me: Ok...
IT: Now I want you to look inside your briefcase. Tell me what you see.
Me: Um, I see a notebook, my purse, a snack bar, some pens down in the bottom. No blackberry, though!
IT: That's ok. Tell me, do you see a pocket or flap on the inside of your briefcase?
Me: Yes! I found a pocket!
IT: Good, now I want you to run your hand along the inside of the pocket and feel for the Blackberry.
Me: Which hand?
IT: That's a good question. Either hand will do.
Me: Ok... I'm feeling around... I found it! I found it! It fell into this pocket!
IT: Excellent, you are back to normal. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Me: I love you, IT guy.
IT: I know. You told me that earlier today. Again.

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