Thursday, June 07, 2007

Purse Peekers

I blatantly stole this idea from my sister (and you can see Mel's take on it here, after she stole it from me). At first I thought you might really enjoy getting a glimpse into what kind of person I am, based on the contents of my purse, but then I realized that I haven't actually thought about what's in my purse since the last time I went through Airport Security. And I didn't really think about it then, except that I made a mental note to put the purse in the bottom of my other carry-on bag so that they wouldn't see the illegal things that I always forget to take out before going through airport security. They didn't. So really, this exercise is as much for me as it is for you. Let's learn together, shall we?

The purse I will be going through is my regular purse. Unlike the sis, I DO change my purse depending on what I am wearing and the season. My method of changing purses is to put my wallet, keys and hairbrush into the new purse. Thus, the daily purse retains the gritty, that-which-lurks-in-purses stuff while my other purses sit empty and clean until they are needed. So it's a good thing that I'm going through the regular purse, or else we wouldn't find half of the goodies I keep in regular purse.

My regular purse is a red leather Merona purse. I got it at Target when they started carrying the Merona line. Good accessories, that Merona. I always get compliments on it. Anyway, my red leather purse exactly matches my red leather work bag, so I often nestle the purse into my bag along with my laptop and heels and head out the door, all together and classy like. I'll let you know when the novelty wears off.

But back to the purse. Inside my purse, I have:
1. Ann Taylor sunglasses and sunglasses case
2. Round hairbrush with emergency hair thingie around the bottom
3. Small plastic case that holds a couple of feminine products, just in case.
4. Crappy old cell phone that will be replaced with super-awesome cell phone as soon as our plan runs out in July
5. Checkbook
6. Tape Measurer (my mother raised us well)
7. Small bottle of hand sanitizer
8. Matches (oops, sorry Mr. Airport screener)
9. Small container of mints
10. Sample sized Clinique blush in Mocha Pink
11. Burt's Bees lip balm
12. Chapstick lip balm
13. Lip Appeal lip balm
14. Blistex lip balm (why do I have some many tubes of lib balm?)
15. Three pens, two of which bear the logo of Old Firm Boston
16. Two mechanical pencils
17. A small mirror
18. An allen wrench
19. Three Cold-Eeze cough drops
20. Two Tylenol Cold and Flu daytime capsuels
21. Maybelline SuperStay lipcolor- in both Blush (for day) and Rose (for evening)
22. Receipts for: cab ride last night; John Harvard's restaurant; Toast Restaurant (a brunch place in Chicago); and the UPS store.
23. My friend Amanda's address scribbled on an bit of torn envelope
24. My friend Blake's address scribbled on some folded bit of paper
25. A name tag from a Mobius welcome dinner
26. A paint sample of the color we painted our guest bedroom, in case I should happen across an accessory that would match the room.
27. Wallet containing: Driver's license in my maiden name; driver's license in my married name; check card; credit card; Ann Taylor credit card, CTA fare card; Harvard Student ID; Grocery Store cards for Dominick's, Stop & Shop, and Shaw's (I threw out the Kroger card just last week); Store Rewards/Membership cards for PetSmart, Hallmark, Hollywood Video, Delta SkyMiles, Men's Wearhouse, Border's bookstore, DSW shoe warehouse; O'Charley's 10% off coupon; $10 gift card to MediaPlay (I've had it for 8 years now); Red Cross Donor card; two BCBS cards (one on the Harvard plan (expired) and one for mine and Patrick's plan); business cards from: my gym, my hairstylist, my aunt Suzie, my old boss at the Mortgage company, my husband, my old therapist, my friend Amanda, and Patrick; my old UT student ID; a visitor's pass for UT's Rec complex, one picture of my friend Blake and his new wife Lori; and three pictures that came with my wallet six years ago; 19 cents in nickels and pennies (I need to go to the ATM).
23. Two Orbitz gum wrappers and one York Peppermint patty wrapper.

So there you have it! There were quite a few things I was surprised to find (4 tubes of lib balm come to mind...) but all in all, nothing bizarre. Perhaps the allen wrench was bizarre. But it never hurts to be prepared.

So. Whatcha got in your purse?


Melanie said...

I'm probably going to have to copy this one later, though mine won't be nearly as interesting... but it did remind me - remember that time in high school I cleaned out your backpack?? And I found that old banana peel? HAHAHA. I'm having to cover my mouth with my hand so I don't laugh out loud at work. :)

e said...

Good grief! That thing must weigh a ton! You could drop the load by half just by cleaning out all the old cards that you don't use anymore. UT ID? Old business cards? Your purse personality says "Pack rat!"