Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Has anyone seen my elbow?

I have a big memo due for Mobius on Friday, but I have hit an afternoon lull today and just can't seem to get going on it again. So, to further procrastinate, let me tell you about this bizarre thing that's going on with my skin. Feel free to comment on possible causes and solutions.

My skin is peeling off all over. Ok, mostly on my hands and elbows, but it feels like it is peeling off all over. For some reason, about two weeks after I moved to Chicago, I noticed that my skin has been getting drier and drier, until one morning I woke up and the skin over my elbows was all white where it had basically let go of the layer of skin beneath. I brushed my hand over it and the skin peeled off like it might after a sunburn. Crazy! I said. So I grabbed up my regular body lotion and rubbed some on my hands and elbows, and thought that was that.

That was not that. My hands have become so dry the skin is peeling off from the fingertips down. Think leprosy. I bought special Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream to try to prevent this, and though I rub it on my hands 5 or 6 times per day, my hands seem not to be absorbing it at all. And then my ear lobes started to peel (along with the hands and elbows).

This is just too much. Dry earlobes? What will peel off of me next, my right leg? Speaking of my right leg, last night I discovered dry and flaky skin along the inside of my thigh. That's right, a new patch of dryness where previously none existed.

So what is causing this sudden and horrible dry skin? Perhaps a change in shower water? (My hair, by the way, has never felt softer). Stress of being away from Patto for the summer? (Although I haven't been feeling that stressed- I sleep well at night, exercise, eat... decently, etc.). Good old-fashioned body freak?

I am thinking it is the last one. My body has decided to freak out on me. As soon as I get this memo turned it I will try to talk it down from its proverbial ledge with promises of a massage or something. Until then, I can only offer shallow appeasements and moisturizer.


Melanie said...

Maybe you're allergic to Chicago. This sort of thing never happened when you lived here in TN. I think it's a sign... move to Nashville post-law school. :) I'm only slightly biased, ha.

E said...

I agree with Mel. Do not even finish out the week up there. Pack your stuff and come back to TN ASAP!

Mom of Diverged said...

As much as I would like to not only jump on the bandwagon Mel and Boo have going but volunteer to drive it there and back personally, I'll actually try to be helpful. Get a good loofa brush and body scrub and hasten the shedding of that winter skin. Moisturize afterwards.

Oh, oh, another thought!!! A really mean one!!! (he, he)Remember how some people refer to lawyers as snakes?? And you're almost legally one (although I claim you've been winning cases since birth!)??? And snakes shed their skin (I know-I was a science teacher!)???? Well?!?!?

ben said...

That used to happen to my hands when I lived in TN so you can completely ignore Melanie's advice. Well maybe Nashville is ready to have you, Pat, Mel, and I all in the same place. Speaking of which I've thought of a friendly wager. Mel has the details. Although it might be fair to split up the LaRocco powerhouse team.

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