Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We never said we were exclusive...

I've been caught red-handed in the arms of another firm.

Last summer, I worked for a wonderful firm that I really liked. The only trouble is that this firm is in Boston, and the fearless Patto and I have decided we want to go to Chicago. Upon my return from the windy city last week, I have been doing some intense comparisons and have decided upon the New Firm for me. And now for the awkward task of breaking up with my Old Firm.

Last night, Old Firm Boston invited me and the other Harvard students they are recruiting for next summer to cocktails and dinner. I popped in for cocktails and was chatting with the hiring partner, a truly great guy whom I wish I could move to Chicago with us. He knows my heart has been wandering as of late, and quickly put me in touch with Old Firm Chicago Office, hoping to at least keep me in the family. Alas, I have decided that New Firm has better opportunities for me, but I haven't quite found a way to break it off with Old Firm.

Hiring Partner asks me about the job hunt in Chicago. I tell him it's going very well. He asks if I have heard from Old Firm Chicago. I say not yet. Suddenly, my phone rings. I glance at it, laugh, and say "there's a Chicago number now." "Answer it!" he cries, "It might be Old Firm Chicago!" So I answer it. It's New Firm, checking the spelling of my new last name so they can send me a "thanks for choosing us!" fruit basket.

Talk about awkward. We go through the same old song and dance- it's not you, it's me, can we still be friends, I'm at a different point in my life right now, you've changed, I've changed, nothing will ever change, don't cry, you'll find another student soon, you're a great firm, you'll make someone else very happy...

I think I will still go back and put in a cameo appearance at Old Firm Boston at the end of the summer. They like that sort of thing, makes them think they can still win you back, maybe you'll be sorry you ever left. Maybe you'll walk in the door and say, "God you're beautiful."

It's what every firm wants to hear.

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E said...

I think the strain is getting to you. You're giving emotions to the heartless soul-sucking law firms. I say make a clean break from both and go with Atlanta.