Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Temptation Update

Apparently, I am not the only Mobius summer to commit snack-sneaking. Just today two other summers confessed that they went out on a muffin mission when breakfast had not been cleared by 11:45am.

And these are the good summers! Of the (mostly) well-behaved variety! I bet they never wreaked havoc on their 4th grade classmates.

I'm not saying it makes a difference. I'm just saying that perhaps the breakfast should be sharing a little blame here. After all, how many people will it corrupt before we start judging its motives?


Anonymous said...

You're assigning motives to muffins now? I'm worried. I bet they're not really muffins either. I'm certain they MUST be cupcakes! :)

smc said...

Ahhhhhh! The great muffin/cupcake debate! How could I have left that off the post about you?!?!

E said...

Now, now, if the other summers jumped off of a bridge after a muffin, then would you jump off that bridge after a muffin too? What we really need to understand here is exactly what kind of muffins we're talking about. Are these blueberry, or banana nut, or just bran?

Anonymous said...

That debate is a crucial aspect of our friendship. I still stand firm that they are indeed cupcakes. (And I'm really glad that it came to mind when I read this posting, ha).