Thursday, January 20, 2005

Maxing the Mailbox Joy

Yesterday, UVA called to congratulate me on being admitted to their law school. The woman continue on about how the official acceptance letter and offer had been mailed that day and I should expect it in 3 to 10 business days. The letter enclosed covers the most frequently asked questions, but should I have any others do not hesitate to call blah blah blah...

The entire time, I was thinking about how I would have preferred if they had just let me get the letter, and then call 3 to 10 business days later to congratulate me in person and ask if I had any additional questions. Don't they know that I live to open my mailbox each evening after work? I feel a little robbed of the excitement. Now I know that in 3 to 10 business days I'm going to have a letter. What fun is that? You know, Georgetown really did it correctly- they sent me a letter, and then a few days later they sent me an invitation to an admitted students reception, and then a few days after that, they emailed me to see if I had any further questions. Well played, Georgetown. Props to NYU and W&L, too. Way to max out the mailbox excitement.

Today my Jujitsu Sensai (yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming) is in my law firm for depostions. By day, my Sensai is the executive chef for an area hospital. The hospital is being sued because a patient became ill one day and claims it was the food. (I suppose I should say she became more ill; she was in a hospital, after all). He and I happened to be discussing the case last night after practice, and he mentioned he would be downtown for a deposition today. I told him to give me a call if he got free for lunch. Lo and behold, today he walked into my firm. It seems we represent the hospital, and by extension, him. (Thank goodness, I signed an evil lawyer-to-be contract swearing to consume in fire anyone who was not on our side). It's a weird mixing of worlds. I am involved in a ton of different things, but usually they are so diverse that there is no danger of a figure from one showing up in the context of another. Here we have a bizarre exception, and I think we both felt the effects. I've never seen him in a suit, he's never seen me not dripping in sweat. I think we both felt a little a little silly seeing each other play dress-up.

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