Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Tomorrow morning I am off to D.C. for my first law school visit. (Technically, I went to Northwestern in Chicago back in December, but since I was also interviewing for admission and only there for 5 hours after the semester had ended, I didn't get to check out classes and ask questions of professors and get a guided tour.) Anyway, Georgetown's Early Admitted Students Reception is Thursday and Friday, and Patrick and I will be there with bells on. Patrick has friends in D.C., so that takes care of housing. Georgetown is decidedly taking care of food, as they are providing dinner and cocktails Thursday night and breakfast and lunch on Friday. I will also take a tour of campus, sit in on a class, get a "taste of the D.C. nightlife," and a couple of other law-school related activities. The attorneys here at work tell me that these receptions are just great, and to try to go to as many as possible. Apparently, these things are designed to wine and dine you, and thus convince you that this particular school is worthy of your precious student loans. I will certainly try to make as many as possible, but I haven't got a ton of money laying around for flights and hotel rooms, so I will have to go about this process strategically.

In thinly related news, I certainly need this break from routine. I am in the process of becoming very angry with a coworker, and it's time to take a weekend away from him. I blame him for the splitting headache I have had all day today. (Well, Tobey gets partial credit for keeping me up all night biting my toes). At any rate, I think I'll go home, draw a bath, take a nap, finish packing and go to bed early so I can greet my first trip to Washington well-rested and energized.

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