Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Ha! My beloved mailbox came through for me once again- Washington and Lee offered me admission, and NYU invited me to an admitted students reception. I will be satisfied for at least three days. Only 8 more schools to hear from...

In unrelated news, it amazes me how quickly I have become "old" upon entering this permi-real world. The other night a friend called me at midnight to catch up, and I remember waking up thinking, "Good grief! What TIME is it?! Don't people realize that it's a work night?" And to think I just graduated in early December! It's stunning how quickly an 8-5 job can turn you into your parents. Luckily for me, this "real world" stuff will only last another 6.5 months, and then I will be tucked back where I belong: in school.

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