Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mail-Checkers Anonymous

Hi, my name is S., and it's been 10 days since I got into a law school.

Chorus: "Hi, S!"

I know I shouldn't be such a compulsive mailbox-checker, but God help me, I am. Ever since I got into NYU on December 7, I have been a non-stop mailbox fanatic. I am now officially invited to attend four schools, but I applied to 13. (13 sounds a bit extreme, I know, but if you gain nothing else from me, know that I live for options. One is certainly MY lonliest number).

I wish schools would all send out their acceptance/rejection letters on the same day, so one evening, I would open my mailbox and find it stuffed with letters. Instead, I open my mailbox every day; some days to success, most to nothing. (Note: "Nothing" does not include the amazing coupons I once got to Kentucky Fried Chicken, which turned out to be a misprint, but because they had issued the coupons, they had to give me what they promised. I'm talking 10-pieces with 2 mashed potatos, 2 cole slaws and 6 biscuits for $4.99. I ate like royalty for three days off of one coupon. You should have seen the face of the guy behind the cash register when he rang it all up. But really, that's a post for another time).

It's nearing five and my work day is completing. Only 15 minutes until I am home and able to check the mailbox.

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