Thursday, October 05, 2006

Toes and the sadness that is IRRAR

I take offence to the freakishly long ape-toes comment. I think people with... advanced toe growth should be celebrated and admired for their toe resourcefullness, not mocked and jeered and commented about in their sister's blogs. I think this is a common case of toe jealousy, as we all know long toes rule.

Now that we are all a little more educated, I would like to explore a REAL disability, the inability to reconcile one's reading assignments with reality (IRRAR). Many Harvard Law professors suffer from this terrible and deabilitating disease, and continuously assign 100 pages or so of reading per night, though they can only humanly cover 15 pages or so in class. Therefore, at approximately 5 weeks into the semester, the professor is on page 100, but expects you to have read through page 436 in the text. Knowing you could be called on to answer in-depth questions about 300 pages of text is not comforting. By the time November rolls around, I expect I will be called on and will be responsible for whatever the professor actually covers that day, plus the 900 pages he somehow thought he would get to, and will on that day decide to jump ahead 500 pages in an effort to "get caught up." Sigh.

If you think your professor suffers from IRRAR, ask him or her this simple hypothetical (they love hypotheticals): "Train A leaves Professorville traveling at 5 mph. Train B leaves Studentville traveling at 300 mph. At what point do they meet?" If your professor answers with anything other than "They don't! The Studentville train must stop!" s/he probably suffers from IRRAR. Seek professional help immediately.

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E said...

Only you would manage to find a website devoted to long toes.

Why, my professor also suffers from IRRAR! According to his syllabus, we should be somewhere in chapter 18, yet in reality, we have only just discussed chapter 5. My sinking suspicion is that we'll only actually cover 1-10 by the end of the semester, but the final will be on chapters 1-32 because "that's what it said on the syllabus"