Sunday, October 08, 2006

RIP Compaq, Helloooooo Mac

My PC has crashed for the last time. You see, the part of the computer brain that receives signals about the power source seized, and it stopped recognizing that it was receving power from either the battery or the adapter. It has done this twice before. This time it looked like it might be time to make out a will and call the family. Computer experts agreed to fix it for anywhere from $300 to $more than its worth, so Patto and I decided to scrap it and get a new computer. And I wanted a Mac. So a cute little mac I've got.

Now, I am not a paid spokeswoman for Apple, but I love my new MacBook. It has a built in camera so I can video-conference, it does all the nifty creative things I want to do but doesn't do all of the things I will never do, so I don't feel bad about having paid for them. It even has a magnetic power cord, so that if someone trips over it, it disconnects rather than pulling my laptop into the floor and mangling it. Heck, even if it did mangle it, my warranty covers accidental damage too.

Now maybe I'll get around to doing the research I've been putting off because I didn't have a laptop and I don't like sitting at Patto's desktop. Yeah. Maybe. Or maybe I'll take more nifty, distorted pics.


E said...

Lost the old computer huh? That sucks like a Hoover. But the Mac is a nice little trade. Can you still do everything you need to do with the non-macs?

smc said...

yup. fully compatable. Plays well with others.