Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Garcon, I'll have the PB&J

So I know I'm all over the place this week (it comes from avoiding my studies with a passion unmatched in these parts), but I just read something in my tax casebook that bears sharing. And trust me, there are not many passages in my tax casebook that fit that description.

The subject matter is business meal deductions. Here ya go: "Suppose a theatrical agent takes his clients out to lunch at the expensive restaurants that the clients demand. Of course he can deduct the expense of their meals, from hich he derives no pleasure or sustenance, but can he also deduct the expense of his own? He can, because he cannot eat more cheaply; he cannot munch surreptitiously on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich brought from home while his client is wolfing down tournedos Rossini followed by the souffle au grand marnier..."

Awesome. Patte, anyone?

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