Monday, February 04, 2008

Super sigh

Well, the New England Patriots are not 19-0. I'm disappointed, even though I don't have any sort of enduring loyalty to the team. Traditionally, I make the team of the region in which I am living third on my rankings, behind whatever team Peyton Manning is playing for and the Tennessee Titans. Since both the Colts and the Titans were out of the running, I cheered for the hometown favorite, the Patriots, particularly because Patto is a Giants fan, and a little playful controversy never hurt anyone.

Today Harvard is awash in Giants jerseys. Harvard is one of the few places on Earth that you will not be beaten to a pulp for gleefully wearing the opposing team's colors the day after the home team loses. This is true for a few reasons: 1) No one is actually from New England. We all come from different places, so the highest the Patriots could have ranked on anyone's list is about third. 2) The school is mostly made up of people from California and New York. The Californians don't have a dog in this fight, and moved on to talking about basketball weeks ago. 3) we rarely resort to physical violence around here (too bad, I know). It seems the preferred method is heated but ridiculously polite discourse, which seems a little foreign to me, but I'm willing to give it a go. Like I said, the Patriots were my third-ranked team, and are going to be replaced by the Bears in about 6 months, so I didn't get too twisted up about it.

At least now I can finally turn my full sporting attention to the Lady Vols basketball team, which have been beating the stuffins out of their competition in true Volunteer spirit. Good thing, too. By the time the Parody is over it will be time for March Madness, and I can't wait for a repeat National Championship.


Quirky said...

This was a tough one. I hate hate hate to break a lovely pattern (19-0), but on the other hand, I love a good underdog. My ranking works about the same way except I can call neither of them home, so we had to go to a fourth place any of the players share any common genes with Payton Manning. Turns out that ELi claims them, so we rooted for the Giants. I'm really just there for the commercials anyway.

Nicole said...

I share the same logic as Quirky on this one. Plus, I have a very close family member named Eli so I had to cheer on the Giants.

Anonymous said...

We've got a double-header this year for March Madness! The Lady Vols AND the Gentlemen Vols are BOTH in the running for top seeds for the NC2A Tourney! WooHoo Tennessee!!!!