Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick Hits: 2/28/08

1. The guy in front of me in Sports Law just sat down next to another guy and remarked, "Hey, Thomas, I didn't realize you were a Fruit Snacks (TM) man, too." To which Thomas replied, "Oh yes. I am indeed." I didn't realize there were such things as "Fruit Snacks men."

2. Another guy who sits in front of me in Race Relations takes notes in a leather-bound journal using a fountain pen. It's very Benjamin Franklin. Or Fredrick Douglass, I suppose.

3. The vending machines here at HLS now sell ice cream. Harvard just shot up three places on the "Happiest Places on Earth" list.

1 comment:

Quirky said...

1. Oh, the one thing I learned while working for the dentist is that Fruit snacks are horrible for your teeth. The only thing worse is fruit rollups. Even if you brush and brush and brush, they create a fruity sugar film over your teeth which will never come off...NEVER! Say goodbye to your teeth, Fruit Snack Men.

2. I wrote with a fountain pen once. It actually writes very well. Very smooth. Hard to find refills for them though.

3. Harvard spends 3/4 of the year covered in a blanket of snow. Do you really eat that much ice cream when it's minus 34 degrees?