Thursday, August 09, 2007

oh hello my darlin' sweet tea

I borrowed that line from db. But it pretty much sums up the southern sentiment towards its unofficial regional beverage, sweet tea. Sweet Tea, more appropriately, because if it isn't a proper noun, goshdarnit it should be.

Even Slate has recognized the goodness that is sweet tea. You can read the article here.

Several of my friends tease me about the pitcher of sweet tea I keep in my fridge at home, despite the fact that I have been living in the great white north for two years now. One of my fellow southerner classmates insists I bring it with me to every study group and pot luck meal we have (the pot luck supper is another fine southern tradition). One fall afternoon she dropped by my house to borrow a book, and as she helped herself to a glass from the cabinet and made a bee-line for the fridge, I had to tell her we were fresh out of sweet tea. From the look on her face, you would have thought I had told her I was an alien in a human suit. After recovering from the shock, she slowly set the glass down on the counter, gathered up her southern resolve, put a hand on her hip and asked, "Well how long does it take you to make more?"

And I made more right then. Because a southern household, even one relocated to Massachusetts has sweat tea in their fridge. Besides, I was almost to the bottom of my own glass.

"[Sweet tea] is the house wine of the south." Dolly Parton


Anonymous said...

I don't know where my life would be without sweet tea. It is truly a southern staple. Especially at Demos' with the sugar water. Ah how I love that stuff... pretty sure I was with you and your family the first time I ever had it, too!

db said...

Okay, is this a complete coincidence? Please tell me. I got an email that said you commented on my one lousy blog. I then went to your blog and updated myself. THEN, I checked my facebook and saw that my flatmate Tariq had posted this
"No wonder you put syrup in your coffee this morning." Followed by a link to the exact same article.
Coincidence? Or did you see the link on my wall before you made your post? If you did not, I am freaked out. If you did, what a cool link from a Saudi Arabian Muslim to a Southern girl in the North!
(And it's called underneath a dissertation, not laundry! hehe. Plus, I was kind of intimidated by your and Mel's comments about "the list" as posted by Mel. Because I had started my own list per her earlier blog. And now my list has an inferiority complex.)

smc said...

It is a coincidence, db. It is a small world, dominated by sugary sweetness and the women who love it.

Anonymous said...

Danielle's comment may be the longest blog comment I have ever seen... Ha.