Friday, May 18, 2007

a long night

Yesterday, around 4pm, Tobey coughed up her afternoon meal on the bedroom rug. I cautioned her about eating too quickly and cleaned it up, and we went back to watching Law and Order. Around 5pm, she hacked up the rest on the hall rug. To make a very long story of a very sleepless night short, Tobey vomited every other hour all night until 5am. I would wake up at the sound of her gagging, get up and clean it up, and carry her back to bed where she would snuggle up until I was lulled back to sleep and then she would creep off and start the whole process over again.

Although this made for a very sleepless night, I was not too put off by the whole thing, since she is my Tobey and I love her and she was not feeling well. However, Patrick did not stir once. And this was off-putting. Around 3am I started to understand how one parent can get reeeeeally pissed off at another because he or she doesn't feel the other one is pulling their middle of the night crying/feeding/changing weight. I can imagine if this went on night after night I would be shoving Patrick out of bed with nary an "excuse me" when it became his turn to get up.

Tobey is feeling much better this morning, as am I. But last night reconfirmed that I am not ready for children. If only there was a way to make Patrick wake up and not me...

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