Saturday, May 05, 2007


Oh, finals. Just as the weather is starting to get nice (we almost hit 70 again the other day. Almost) we students have to buckle down and study still we cry. And then study through the tears. During a study group a few days ago I had the joy of playing "whose life is more pathetic now that it's finals season?" I was in a close second with "I haven't been outside or gotten out of my pajamas and flippers for three days," but my friend Jess took the prize with "the only thing I have said out loud in two days is "keep the change" to the take-out delivery guy."

Flippers. Yes, I said flippers. For some reason, I have a natural habit of calling house shoes or slippers flippers. I don't know why. I know that they are called house shoes, but for some reason, when I see them my brain supplies the word flipper. And who can be bothered to double-check that your brain is supplying the right word when you are involved in the life-altering conversation of "Where's my flipper? I'm missing a flipper!"

Anyway, apologies if my posts are sporadic or grumpy over the next few days. I only have two finals and a short paper left. I'm armed with moose munch and a lap-cat. I'm going to make it after all!

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E said...

You're losing it my dear.