Sunday, April 17, 2005

Moving so fast

Good grief- I went back to work at the mortgage company and the next thing I knew, two months went by. I work about 45 hours a week now, but the work is interesting and I have much to occupy me, so the days literally fly by. I leave for law school in three and a half months.

I am going to Harvard Law School. I have to admit, it sounds just a little foreign coming out of my mouth. I have never been an ivy league kind of girl, but after I got back from Boston last week, I realized I could be. Boy howdy, I could be.

But first I need to stop saying "boy howdy."

Things in life are at this strange balance right now. I feel as though I am moving in slow motion while everything around me moves in fast forward. I think this is why weeks and months go by so quickly and I feel as though I pulled a rip van winkle and slept through most of it. I find that I prefer to take things a little slower and enjoy them, but things are moving too quickly for me to grab on to them. It's like if you took an anvil and tied a rope around it and threw it off a cliff- then after a few seconds of free falling you decided to grab the rope bare-handed. At best you get some nasty rope burns. It would be my luck that I would get snatched over the edge. Bizarre image to explain not being able to slow things down, but it's the only one I've got right now. Stay tuned.

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