Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Heat Is On

Tobey has started her anti-litterbox behavior again. I'm going to take her into the vet first thing in the morning tomorrow. Until then, she has to spend time in the vanity and bathroom area. I can't wait until I have my own apt and she can roam around. Then, if she starts messing with one room in particular, I can just shut the door. Sadly, I can't shut her out of my bedroom without blocking her litterbox unless she is put in the bathroom. Poor Tobey. Poor Patrick, really, who is getting so frustrated with me because I hate to punish her, especially before I take her to the vet to be sure her UTI hasn't come back. I'm such a pushover.

Work is insane. I realize that whenever someone asks me how my day was, I always say "crazy," or "hectic," or something. And they always go, "oh, I'm sorry." But I'm not upset by it. I love when things are just a little nuts and stressed. I work so well under pressure. I guess that's why I didn't think the LSAT was a big deal. And you know how when you got up to like level 13 on Tetris on your gameboy (come on, we were kids of the 80's) everything started moving so quickly and the slightest wrong move pushed everything out of control? Yeah, that's when I started playing. Now, don't get me wrong, when things are bad insane, I will happily collect your sympathy. But I like putting in a hard 8+ hours and feeling like I did something that day. Man, I love that italics button.

So I'm leaving home extra early today so I can pick up the two free tickets to the comedy zone and the vocher for free breakfast for my office that I won on the radio Monday. I have never won a radio contest before. Perhaps I can get them to do the breakfast thing on Friday, as that is the technical "months end" when things are most crazy around work. My coworkers would appreciate that most, I think, esp. the ones that dont thrive so much on pressure.

Well, I need to trap Tobey in the bathroom area. She has been laying around enjoying the bed (where she is not allowed to be when Patrick is here, but we already agreed I was a pushover), but now its time to go up for the day. Poor kit.

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