Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Not Just a Cupcake

It's emotional eating!

The latest Duncan Hines commercial shows a mom making cupcakes, while the emotion-laded voiceover says, "It's just a rainy day. It's just a scraped knee. It's just hair, it will grow back. But sometimes it's the little things that ruin your day." Pan over to a mopey-looking five-year old, who watches the oven with anticipation. Boy, he is sure is a sad sack. Luckily, eating cupcakes improves your day! If something bad happens, eat a cupcake! Food never rains on your Saturday! Food never trips you on the sidewalk! Food never gives you a lopsided haircut! Food loves you, no matter what!

Duncan Hines. It's not just a cupcake. It's physically and emotionally filling.

1 comment:

db said...

And did you know that food also always makes me feel better? It never tells me I'm too fat. It totally ignores the acne on my face and the bad mood I'm in. Dang, food really is such a gracious, generous, and forgiving friend. It's clear why I can never say no to chocolate or cheese. How can you say no to something that offers you unconditional lurve??