Monday, October 29, 2007

Rise and Shine

My sis sent me this video, and I laugh so hard every time I see it that I just had to put it up. If you can listen to it with sound it's even better, but the video is hysterical without, too.

Part cat lovers, part masochists.


Anonymous said...

well, I had not seen the rise and shine video clip. You are right, it makes me LOL! And It makes Brutus growl and run out of the room to search for the cat intruder. But it can't touch that all time favorite.... Its time to get up, Its time to get up... Its time to get up in the morning!!!!

E said...

okay, this was funny, but it's time to write something new. NEW POST! NEW POST! NEW POST!

Melanie said...

I'm with Beth... you've gone too long. How's that play going?