Monday, October 01, 2007

Hooray for the Parental Units

Special shout-out to my parents, who today celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Thanks for marrying each other, mom and dad! Thanks for being a shining example that marriages can still work, even in this "look to your left and right; 50% of you won't be married in 5 years" society.

And thanks for ensuring that el seester and I are who we are today (God love us), and not some weird halfling.


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Mom of Diverged said...

Thank you, Sweetie, for your warm wishes. I'm not sure what a 'halfling' is but I can guarantee that neither you or your sister are anything but completely top-grade, fantastic, er, wholings! (I think.)

Your father and I have to send the props on up the family tree since Granny and Pap-paw will celebrate their 60th anniversary Nov. 21 this year and Grandma and Grandpa will celebrate their 60th on Nov. 28.

May you and Patrick have the same abiding love that each of the above have for our soul mates for as long as you live.

Keep 12/29/07 open!