Friday, October 03, 2008

Blast from the Past

Every now and then, I Google my name (in all of its many combinations) to make sure there is nothing I wouldn't want a potential client to find when checking me out. I recommend you all do the same. Anyway, this time around I started checking the really obscure pages at the back of the Gooooooooogle!, and I found something great: the 5k race results from the first race I ever ran with my best friend Melanie, way back in 1998 when we were 15 years old.

Melanie beat me by nearly 2 minutes and 40 seconds in that race, which doesn't surprise me in the least. In the intervening 10 years, Melanie has become a long-distance racing machine, while I only run when being chased. Or trying to chase away stubborn calories. Stubbornly.

What makes finding this race sheet even better is that I still have a photograph of Melanie and I from that very day, post race. Here it is:

smc and Mel, August 1998

Also in the intervening 10 years, I grew into my head and Mel learned how to open her eyes while smiling. And check out my awesome sparkly blue nail polish! Wolverine Pride! Unfortunately, this nail polish was not aerodynamic, which explains my long lag behind Mel. At least, that's what I tell myself. When I lie to myself.

And speaking of Googling, in honor of its 10 year anniversary, Google has released its oldest search index. Go see what you would have found had you been Googling back in 2001 here.


Melanie said...

I feel like I remember stretching my neck like that in an attempt to be as tall as you. Hmmm... good thing I quit that, too. And grew those bangs out.

Quirky said...

That's one giant head. I'd forgotten about your massive head. Now I have to go google myself...

Anonymous said...

Your head has always been adorable and not big at all! Bad seester!

You both look quite pretty and refreshingly young in that picture!
As you both STILL do.

BTW, who's the dude in the background watching you?

db said...

Isn't that Gaelen back there? Sorry to be months behind in commenting!

zbsports said...

It is good to remember the past, looking back to your old friends memories is so sweet.