Monday, August 25, 2008

My kind of place

Yesterday, I got out of the new apartment to walk around the streets of Chicago and familiarize myself a little better with the neighborhood. As I was walking down one particular street known for its shopping, I happened across a new store that had just opened that week- and in the window was a beautiful chess set. Since I collect beautiful chess sets, I wandered in and browsed about.

Later, at home:
Me: Patto, there is a new store at Water Tower Place that sells chess sets and handbags.
Patto: Wait- a store that sells nothing but handbags and chess sets?
Me: Yes, that's all they sell. Italian-made handbags and Italian-made chess sets.
Patto: So when you walk in, all you see are purses and chess boards?
Me: Yes.
Patto: Did YOU open this store?

It's a good guess, but no. I did talk to the owner for a while, though, and she seems pretty awesome- just the sort of person who is interested in nothing but handbags and chess sets. I think we could be friends.

I will have to circle this store a few more times and have a paycheck before I purchase anything, but I have already noticed one particular set that might find a place in my home. At least it's something to keep me out of shoe stores for a while. :)


E said...

That DOES sound like you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you've GOT to have an Italian Chicago Chess set! Did you ever get a Dem. Boston set?

Laura said...

hi! just saw that you had a blog on facebook and dropped by. you've moved to chicago! how awesome. tell patrick i say hello :)

Allison said...

Had to go reading your blog, because I couldn't do anything less stalkerish to welcome you to Chicago! Handbag-and-chess-set stores out there have no idea what they're in for. Neither does the Nordstrom shoe department for that matter. I am around 'til Wednesday, then I am off until Oct. 2d. See you soon!