Friday, July 25, 2008

Lil'Mama Shocked to Discover American Youth Not Making Rational Decisions

So I'm a closeted (well, not anymore) fan of America's Best Dance Crew. To be honest, I mostly mute the commentators and only watch when one of the teams are actually performing, but I'm constantly impressed at the talent and cool choreo these people come up with, week after week.

Anyway, it's basically American Idol for the slightly cooler, street-wise dance set. It's targeted at teens and has heavy emphasis on who has and has not "come hard" this week. After the show, America votes via text message for their favorite crew, and the two teams receiving the fewest votes are up for elimination, with the panel of three judges making the final call on the next week's show.

Last night, two objectively good teams were up for elimination, and the judges were shocked (SHOCKED!) that it had come to this. "America, are you serious?" chastised Lil'Mama, before adding, "Ya'll need to think about what you're doing with your voting." The other judges agreed, American Youth had failed to make a rational decision via their text messages this week, and now two very talented crews were suffering for it.

I say we're lucky that the outcome of America's Next Dance Crew was the only thing in jeopardy due to the unpredictable nature of teenagers. American teenagers make silly decisions regarding the outcome of reality television because they are teenagers. It's why we don't let them vote.

Because, you know, Adult Americans are known for their rationality and ability to take an objective stance when voting on matters of National importance. I guess something just happens at 18.

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Anonymous said...

The irony for me about this post is that last night I watched the results for So You Think You Can Dance, and the BEST 2 male dances were voted in the bottom two and one of them had to go home. The judges were shocked. However, they made a nice little pitch about how 95 million people vote for things like American Idol and how they hope that everyone makes the vote that really counts for president this year. I sat there wondering how many of the tv reality show votes are even old enough to vote... as well as if the ones old enough will even go to the polls. Maybe they'd vote for the president if they could do it from their cell phone.