Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How many pint-sized pugilists could YOU take on?


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Ha! My sister could only take 18 5-year olds in a fight, but that is probably because 1) I have more martial arts training than she does, and 2) I am highly skilled at rolling one five-year old at ten other ones, bowling style. Strike!

Ok, I have no experience rolling children like sports equipment. But I do think I could take a fair number of 'em. I had to take out 6 college-aged men at the same time for my black belt test, so if each college guy with a couple years of martial arts is worth 4-5 kindergarteners, I'm right on track.

How many can you take?

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Anonymous said...

According to the quiz, I can take out 23. I feel that is pretty low since I've taken out many a student with only a pen stroke! Muh-wa-wa-wah!
Diverged's Mom