Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Countdown Continues, Part 6

2.25 days.
0 pages.

Stop the Countdown. Estoy acabado.



Mom of Diverged said...

Congrats, Baby! What was the page total in the end? And, do the profs really read all those pages from all of you???
Again, Congrats!!!

db said...

Congratulations! I remember feeling really really relieved and weird after finishing my dissertation last September. It's a strange exhilaration. I'm sure you did much more work then me, and hey, I actually wrote creative non-fiction, so I got to make up certain parts, ha! Anyway, congrats and you should DEFINITELY celebrate by buying yourself something lovely!

db said...

*than me. Good grief.

Quirky said...

YAY! Now you can go play volleyball and enjoy the spring and visit your Seester!