Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thumb Drives

I received a mass e-mail from the Registrar's office today with the subject line "Thumb Drives."

I had no idea what a thumb drive was, but it sounded terrible. Like a torture device, much like thumb screws. Oooh, I bet this was to remind us that some human rights commission was giving a speech at Harvard today to call for the end of using thumb drives in interrogations!

Or perhaps it's a reminder that they are taking donations to help kids get much needed hand prosthesis. And "thumb drives" is more catchy than "hand drives."

But alas, no. It seems the registrar thinks thumb drives are (yet) another name for USB drives. And they wanted to remind us that they still had some of ours from last semester's exams, and we should pick them up as soon as possible.


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Mom of Diverged said...

Lame but correct. There seems to be a real problem naming these little wonders: Portable hard-drives, usb drives, memory sticks, jump drives, light sticks, thumb drives, etc. Even when you go to the store and ask an associate where they are located they will look at you like you're crazy until you spout the particular name they use. Someone should decide the correct name for these once and for all.