Friday, April 28, 2006

I knew this would happen

I went in to CVS this morning to pick up a birthday card for a classmate, and I came out with 7 cards and a king-sized kit kat bar. Damn card organizer. I blame it. (With the exception of the kit kat bar. That is not the card organizers fault. That is my torts class' fault). Anyway, I was thinking to myself, as I waffled between two cards for my friend, "hey- I could get both, and put whichever one I don't use in my card organizer for next time!" And it was all downhill from there. I found a couple cards that my sister would love, good ones for people's upcoming birthdays... I doubled my amount of unused cards that need to be organized in one day. I am a marketers dream.

On my way to class moments later, I was passed by a guy walking a huge doberman pinsher on one side and a minuature pinsher (or minsher pinsher as I call them) on the other. It was like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. I tried not to laugh as I passed this guy (after all, he was walking two dobermans), but I was thinking that he looked ridiculous with these two dogs. Almost as ridiculous as I looked with 7 cards and a kit kat bar.

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