Friday, February 04, 2005

One Week's Notice

Today I am giving my one week's notice at my firm. It's nothing personal, it's just that I found a job that actually uses some brain power and pays 40% more than what I am currently making. I know you are thinking, "isn't it supposed to be a two week's notice?" But silly you, Tennessee is a "right to hire" state, which is a catchy way of saying I can quit or they can fire me without any reason at all, as long as it wasn't discriminitory in nature. I'm not contractually obligated to give them anything more than the finger as I waltz out the door, but because I would like to retain a reference, I'm going to give them a week and tie up all of my loose ends here, and then turn the whole shebang back over to the paralegal to whom it all belongs.

Yes, I have finally been wooed back to the mortgage company for which I worked as an intern over the summer. They have had an opening in the Auditing department that sounds like a good match for me. Very detailed work, more responsibility-- I get a stack of work to do every morning that I can work on at my own pace, and there's opportunity for overtime if I want it. And did I mention a 40% pay raise? With a bonus structure? And they don't care if I got to NY the last weekend of March? I'm excited.

Now, on to the bittersweet task of turning in my notice letter. I really like the guy who hired me, but I don't think I'll miss this place. I may miss how easy it is from time to time, but I can't handle not thinking for 8 hours every day. I need something to wrap my mind around. Onward and Upward!

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