Monday, July 07, 2008

Best! Shape! Ever! Update- week 4

It's the beginning of week 4, and not too much has changed, especially since I spent most of last week in Florida and missed 3 work-outs. I'm 146 lbs, and am still 32.5" around the largest part of the tums. But I am seeing some exciting changes in other places. My arms are looking much more toned than they did before, and, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time since high school, I ran three miles.

Well, I jogged three miles at like an 11 min mile pace, but the point is I was able to run three miles without dying. Or walking. Which I haven't been able to do in 7 years. My goal over the next 8 weeks is to get my 3 mile down to 8 minute miles and my 6 mile down to 10 minute miles.

It's fun to see results. It keeps me motivated. By the way, Patto has already taken three inches off of the widest part of his waist. So we are both pumped up and encouraged to keep going, even though there are nights where we can't lift our forks to our mouth at dinner.

I guess that keeps us from going in for dessert.


Ken Basin said...

Yes, I also went running today. And yes, I also went 3 miles.

But I am an IDIOT, and this was my first run since before school ended in May (and my 2-week stint of running then was my first since last August). My mile time climbed to 9 minutes (last summer, I was doing 5 miles at 7:30 per), at the end of the run I thought my heart was going to explode, and now, 7.5 hours later, my left knee is somewhere between large tennis ball and small grapefruit, and I have no idea why.

So, you win.

Anonymous said...

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Quirky said...

Ohhh. Rock on with your bad self! Make that your Best! Shape! Ever! self.

And congrats to Patto too!